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Get Into The ZONE!

There are many things written about getting into the zone. What I am talking about here is the Ergonomics Zone.

Ergonomics is the RIGHT fit between the person and the machine or environment. It includes a lot of things-the person's capabilities, the design of the machine center, the person's technique, the person's posture and so on. Unfortunately, so much is blamed on the machine centers when a lot of the time it is something the person is doing or the shape the person is in. This is not to say there are not sometimes things wrong with the design of machine centers. Correcting and fitting machine centers is part of ergonomics. Correcting and fitting people are also part of ergonomics.

When you have the right ergonomics going on, the work may be physically hard, but the bad stress on the body is not there and the chance for injury is very low...and you are in the zone or the ergonomics zone or the Eezee(EZ). Work is so much easier and safer when you are in the EZ!

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