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An Aging Workforce With Aches and Pains

How would you like to have less aches and pains? Or... is it all a crapshoot, and it doesn’t really matter what you do? “It is all genetics, it is all the wear and tear from the work I do, etc.” Employees can get in this frame of mind, blaming everything on old age, while employers can also assume this view.

Maybe there is a better approach based on these studies:

  1. Older people who exercise regularly experience fewer aches and pains. Many people say they are getting plenty of exercise because they are working on a production line or do physical work. This may be true if you are doing a variety of tasks, using different muscles plus getting some air in your lungs and getting your heart rate up (aerobic exercise), but a lot of the physical work that is done, is limited to specific muscles used in a specific way and there is usually little aerobic exercise. So Exercise- but do the right kind and the right way!

  2. Increased musculoskeletal disorders are seen in smokers, even ex-smokers. Never having smoked is the best, but the body has an amazing ability to repair itself. Not smoking is a key to doing better musculoskeletally.

  3. Regular Exercise in Middle Age Lowers Risk of Dying Early: The type of exercise required to lower your risk is not at the level of marathons. It is walking or even dancing a few times a week.

  4. Light movement and strengthening type exercises allow the wheel chair bound to walk: There have been a few studies, which showed that among the frail and aged, major changes can occur in the body. This is all through regular, simple movement exercises.

  5. Osteoarthritis* is NOT inevitable and is NOT only related to wear and tear. Yes, osteoarthritis is associated with wear and tear, but there is a lot(*A type of arthritis in which cartilage wears out and joints become stiff and painful)

The body has an amazing ability to repair itself. It is not all luck. You can do something about it!

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