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EIP 24/7


EIP 24/7:




24 hours a day, 7 days a week

These are programs that use:

  • Online ergonomics and safety training information.

  • Online do-it-yourself exercises. 

  • Phone and video consults.

  • Very helpful information and training on this website.

  • Onsite expert help by a doctor. ​

  • Specialized soft tissue work used with major sports teams that directly focuses on the problem and quickly gets result in most cases.

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Dr. Greg Weidlich is a chiropractor who is highly trained and experienced in physical medicine and ergonomics. He has over 20 years of experience working in industrial and office settings with a long track record of proven results.

Upward Curve

Changing Lives At Work



She came to see me with numb hands. After 8 sessions the numbness was gone! He came in with back ache. After 5 sessions, it was all gone! And so it goes…successfully helping people at work in their workplace every day! That is what I do.


The key to all of this is caring including a demonstration of tremendous care on the company’s part that contracts for this service for all of their associates.


The service I provide is that middle ground of musculoskeletal issues between starting to hurt, whether at work or at home, and needing to seek medical care. This middle ground is the place and time to effectively resolve matters. Thus the use of the  EIP or Early Intervention Program. 


Using the program is not going to solve every case, but it will solve 97% of acute cases and for chronic cases around 90% of those can be maintained or resolved. That’s a lot of direct and indirect cost savings in worker’s compensation costs, health insurance costs, keeping the associate working while being helped, not needing to find a replacement for the hurting person, not needing to train a new person to replace the hurting person.


The recipe for success is:


  • Always look for and strive to resolve the root causes of the problem.


  • The personal touch: Care for the person in front of you. Follow up with them with texts and calls.


  • Always keep management in the loop as to what is going with the associate with discomfort.


  • A large knowledge base through my professional training as a doctor of chiropractic medicine working with medical doctors in a clinic rehabilitating sports and work-related injuries in patients.


  • Very knowledgeable in the regulations and laws of OSHA to make sure what I do is 100 percent legal. Plus, maintain medical confidentiality is maintained..


  • 25 Years of experience in soft tissue work and exercises.


  • 20 years of experience in ergonomics and body mechanics


  • Tremendous familiarity with the jobs people do because of having directly observed most of the jobs a number of times. 


  • Specialized advanced training in a specialized soft tissue approach called FDM. This  allows one to get to the root of the physical problem quickly. Acute Injuries resolve rapidly 97 percent of the time. Chronic or old injuries that flare up can take a lot more work and may need some maintenance as long as the person with the issue is also doing their part. 


  • Simple trainings for associates in ergonomics and body mechanics.



There it is! That is part of how lives are changed for the better at work!


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